Application designed with 2000+ quickr design system component library

Design SaaS/Web App Like Pro with Quickr Design System

Reusable Components

8 Point Grid System

Time Saving

Developer Friendly

Easy Customization

Free Icons

Autolayout & Variants

Adapt Any Brand

2000+ Atomized Symbols & Components with Different Categories & Variants

A Versatile Source of Pre-configured Components & Symbols, Which Allows Creating the Interface for any Application Quickly.

2000+ atomized symbols & components category list of quickr design system

Everything Included with Advance Features to Save Time + Money

Quickr Design System Was Crafted to Help You Build Any Easy to Complex Product from Paper sketch Idea to Clickable Prototype with Simple Drag-n-drop Components.

Easy Customization of Components with Few Clicks

Create MVP faster, Save time, Spend on what Matters. Just Want to Customize Your Interface in Minutes with a Few Clicks of the Mouse. Quickr Design System Allows You to do it all with a Friendly Approach & Less Effort.

Easy customization of components with few clicks in figma
Multiple variants and states

Multiple Variants and States

Quickr a Solid-foundation Design System for Applications. With a Comprehensive, Reusable, Ready-to-use Component Library, Quickr Enables Teams to Build Consistent, and High-performing Products.

Vector-based free icon set

Vector-based Free Icon Set

Quickr Design System Comes with a Vector-based Free Icon Set, which Contains 100% Scalable, Easy-to-use Icons which You Can Easily Customize for Your SaaS or Web Application Projects.

Swap Components & Instance

Design Seamlessly any Web app/Dashboard Faster with Quickr. Work with Hundreds of Visually Consistent, Fully Customizable Components & Instances to Ensure a User Experience that Scales from Small to Large Scale App by Swapping.

Swap components & instance
Less work with auto layout and Resizing auto-layout

Less Work with Auto Layout and Resizing

Key features are Auto-layout, Adjustable Grid, Content Customization, Adaptive Layout & Resizing Components without Any Hassle According to Your Required Device.

Graphs and charts

Graphs and Charts

Turn Any Data into a Beautiful Dashboard with Quickr Design System. Our Nicely Crafted Figma Components for Graphing and Charts will Help You Build Stunning Dashboards that Display Your Data in the Best Possible Way.

Design Any SaaS & Web App Fast with Quickr Design System

10 Concept File Coming with the Final Product. Quickr Was Crafted to Help You Build Any Easy to Complex Product from Paper Sketch Idea to Clickable Prototype with Simple Drag-n-drop Components.

Robust Foundation of quickr design system

Robust Foundation

High-impact, Scalable Design to any Screen at Any Time with The Power of a Unified System of Foundation.

Easy editing to style of quickr design system

Easy Editing to Style

It's Easier to Edit, Configure & Apply the Style for Texts and Colors. Check the Guideline Carefully.

Maintainable with library of quickr design system

Maintainable with Library

A Maintainable Library Allows You to Use it on Any Project or Product Seamlessly.

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Figma File
2 Concept Design file
20 Major Components
Starter Guide
2 Concept Design File
Style Guide & Foundation
Free Update
Lifetime Access

Lifetime access


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All Free Features
87 Major components
10 Concept Design File
Free Icon Set
Free Future Updates
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Design System for Client Projects?

Yes! You can use a design system for basically anything — the only forbidden thing is redistributing/reselling.

What Does “Free Updates” Include?

Planning to Add New UI Components and Features Along with Concept Design Files over the Time and will be Totally Free for Existing Customers.

What's the license agreement for the Design System UI Kit?

you are allowed to use it both personal and commercial purposes but not allowed to resell.

Can I Convert a Purchased Product into a Theme/Template?

You can but you have to use them either for personal or commercial use. retribution/reselling is highly prohibited.

Do you Provide refunds?

We don't offer refund. Before purchasing you can Try our free version.

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Is it Coming with Any Coding?

Not at all. you can visualize any product idea using figma rapidly in order to present it to your clients or for production.

Coming soon 🥳

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